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  • bend
    You cannot bend the rules just because it suits you to do so. Sääntöjä ei voi taivuttaa sellaisiksi kuin itselle sattuu sopimaan. This is how Europe will be built, and at times it may even be necessary to bend those regulations a little. Tällä tavalla Eurooppaa rakennetaan, ja toisinaan saattaa olla jopa tarpeen taivuttaa noita asetuksia hieman. If you bend the pipe too far, it will break.
  • conjugate
    Nor can anybody deny the evidence of the executions, obviously, or the semantic changes: China now conjugates the verb 'to commit suicide' as a transitive verb. Samoin kukaan ei voi enää kieltää ilmiselviä teloituksia eikä semanttista muutosta: nykyään Kiina taivuttaa itsemurhan tekoa tarkoittavan verbin transitiivisesti. In English, the verb to be is conjugated as follows: I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, you are, they are.
  • decline
    The dollar has declined rapidly since 2001My health declined in wintera line that declines from straightness
  • inflect
  • curb
  • curl
    The one-piece back is of a medium curlI curl at my local club every weekend
  • persuade
    How can we persuade the Americans to take new steps? Kuinka voimme taivuttaa amerikkalaiset ottamaan uusia askelia? It was difficult to persuade the Council to adjust the multiannual budget. Oli vaikeaa taivuttaa neuvosto mukauttamaan monivuotista talousarviota. How can we encourage people to give blood more frequently and persuade more people to give? Kuinka voimme kannustaa ihmisiä luovuttamaan useammin verta ja taivuttaa yhä useampia ihmisiä luovuttamaan?
  • bow
    It goes without saying that no benefit should induce us to bow down to extremists: we must show solidarity and unity on this. Sanomattakin on selvää, ettei minkäänlainen eduntavoittelu saa taivuttaa meitä tekemään myönnytyksiä ääriryhmille. The musician bowed his violin expertly.The shelf bowed under the weight of the books.
  • buckle
    It is amazing that he has never buckled after so many years of doing such urgent work.
  • cast
    The director cast the part carefullyThe director cast John Smith as King Learto cast about for reasons
  • curve bend over
  • flex
  • hump
    get the hump, have the hump, take the hump, give someone the humpThat guy is such a hump!Stop humping the table, you sicko
  • make curved
  • ply
    two-ply toilet paperHe proposed to build Deep Purple, a super-computer capable of 24-ply look-ahead for chessHe plied his trade as carpenter for forty-three years
  • sag
    A line or cable supported by its ends sags, even if it is tightly drawn.The floor of a room sags.A building may sag one way or another.
  • bully
    A playground bully pushed a girl off the swingI noticed you being a bully towards people with disabilitiesYou shouldnt bully people for being gay
  • compel
    Logic compels the wise, while fools feel compelled by emotions.
  • diffract
  • relent
    There was no relent, my dear, as we pulled each other in. (From First Sign of Trouble ‒ a song by Mel Parson, 2015He had planned to ground his son for a month, but relented and decided to give him a stern lecture instead.We waited for the storm to relent before we ventured outside.
  • To make something curved, to bend.
  • To persuade or bend somebody to change his opinion or make up his mind for something.

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