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  • let go
    Please, Mom, can you let me go to her party?Youre hurting him! Let him go!Let go of the phone.
  • utter
    utter ruin; utter darknessDont you utter another word!Sally uttered a sigh of relief.
  • discharge
    to discharge a prisonerto discharge a cargoA pipe discharges water.
  • let out
    The students were let out of school early.He let out the reins when they were a mile from the barn.The engineer let out the throttle after the train crossed the bridge.
  • release
    The video store advertised that it had all the latest releasesThey marked the occasion with a release of butterfliesHe released his grasp on the lever
  • allow
    to allow a servant his liberty;  to allow a free passage;  to allow one day for restto allow a right;  to allow a claim;  to allow the truth of a propositionTo allow a sum for leakage
  • concede
    I have to concede the argument.He conceded the race once it was clear he could not win.Kendall conceded defeat once she realized she could not win in a battle of wits.
  • deliver
    deliver a captive from the prisonthe doctor delivered the babythe duchess was delivered of a son
  • emit
  • free
    He was given free rein to do whatever he wanteda free manHes very free with his money
  • go
    Why don’t you go with us?   This train goes through Cincinnati on its way to Chicago.   Chris, where are you going?   Theres no public transit where Im going.   Wow, look at him go!Yesterday was the second-wettest day on record; you have to go all the way back to 1896 to find a day when more rain fell.Fans want to see the Twelfth Doctor go to the 51st century to visit River in the library.
  • let
    After he knocked for hours, I decided to let him come inLet me alone!The physicians let about a pint of his blood, but to no avail
  • outright
    I refute those allegations outright.I have just responded outright to that question.Two people died outright and one more later.
  • purge
    Stalin liked to ensure that his purges were not reversible.
  • rid
    I’m glad to be rid of that stupid nickname.Were trying to rid the world of poverty.1170, King Henry II (offhand remark) — "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?
  • spill
    I spilled some sticky juice on the kitchen floor.Some sticky juice spilled onto the kitchen floor.The bruise is from a bad spill he had last week.
  • temper
    to have a good, bad, calm, or hasty temperHe has quite a (bad) temper when dealing with salespeoplethe temper of mortar

Sanan päästää määritelmät

  • vapauttaa
  • antaa selvitä vähällä, päästää pälkähästä
  • vapauttaa ilmoille
  • antaa, sallia jotain


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